Program Goals

Race Mentoring Program – Drawing upon the experience of its members and other local and regional cyclists, Sorella Forte will mentor and foster both individual and team goals by giving team members support and access to training and racing information. This will include holding clinics and regular training rides among our racers to focus on particular skills such as descending, cornering, and riding in a pace line.

Recreational Mentoring Program – Sorella Forte will reach out to individuals new to the sport of cycling and offer information, guidance and experience to help improve the abilities and confidence of recreational riders. Sorella Forte aims to support and provide inspiration to non-competitive cyclists who are interested in obtaining health and fitness, and experiencing fun and camaraderie through cycling.

Racing Program – Sorella Forte plans to be a new and significant presence in Oregon competitive cycling. Sorella Forte brings together a group of women with a common dedicated mission that were previously sparsely scattered throughout different local teams. One goal of forming this new team is to increase the awareness and visibility of women’s cycling in Oregon. In a state where cycling enjoys a great deal of participation and popularity, women’s competitive cycling is disproportionately invisible.

Community Give-Back Program – Sorella Forte is committed to contributing to the communities we ride thru on a daily basis. In 2008 we volunteered at the Portland Parkways event helping to distribute helmets. Then in September we were course chaperons for the Tour de Build, a bike tour for Habitat for Humanity. We plan to repeat both efforts and we actively seek new opportunities to give back.