Sponsor Spotlight: Jeff Tedder

Sorella Forte’s nutrition sponsor is Jeff Tedder, coach and owner of Solid Core Training, Hammer Nutrition expert and bike enthusiast. Sorella Forte thanks Jeff and Hammer Nutrition for their continued support. 

Sorella Forte (SF): Jeff you are an avid bicyclist and racer, tell us what lead you to biking and what biking means to you.

Jeff Tedder (JT): I have had a passion for sports ever since I could walk. Both of my parents were great athletes and proved to be good examples for me. Growing up I played football, baseball, basketball and ran track and cross country in high school. I also played on a city league team in all-ball sports and participated in water skiing competitions. I was a fierce competitor in many of these sports and finally ended up playing slow pitch softball.  For 12 years I traveled the country playing in slow pitch softball tournaments at an elite level, first as a pitcher and then as a pitcher/coach. I started cycling in 1990 after a back and hip injury; I used biking as part of my re-habilitation routine.  Bicycling eventually became my passion and I started racing for a local team, Emerald Velo, in 2003. Emerald Velo was a fantastic team of guys who taught me a great deal about riding and racing. As I got more involved in racing, it just seemed natural for me to start coaching the sport too.

(SF): Explain the services that Solid Core Training offers. And please share a success story of a female cyclist who has utilized your training.

(JT): I had been training in a small local gym and ended up coaching there so I thought it was time to have my own business. In 2003, I started Solid Core Training and by 2005, I ended my regular employment and focused full time on coaching and nutrition for bike racers, runners and tri-athletes. My coaching involves several aspects of on- and off-bike training. Off the bike, I base the training on building a strong core, improving balance and the development of explosive strength by utilizing jump boxes, kettlebells, medicine balls and all types of agility equipment. With on-bike training, I put on an interval class tailored to the racing seasons. In addition, I work with athletes to set up individual weekly training schedules. All my training is conducted from the Portland PACE gym on NE MLK Jr. Blvd. I work closely with Dave McHenry, a sports physical therapist and director at Portland PACE, which has proven to be a wonderful working and learning experience for me. I have coached many bike racers to OBRA state championships and a few national championships over the years. Some of the athletes I work with are Jan Moss (a former Sorella), Beth Burns and many other ladies from Hammer Velo and other racing teams. Jan and Beth have both trained with me for several years and they have seen some big improvements in their bike racing, strength, overall fitness and learning how to fuel and recover. I also have a website.

(SF): Why should we use Hammer nutrition products?

(JT): Hammer Products are the highest level of all-natural quality supplements and fuels on the market today—that’s why I choose to use, sell and help people set up fueling and nutritional plans with these products. In 2007, I decided it was time to start my own team and Hammer Velo was born. Based on my involvement with Hammer Nutrition over the years, I thought it was a fitting name for the team. I really enjoy coaching and teaching people how to get fit and stay that way with training and nutrition, plus helping them become better bike racers. 

(SF): What is your favorite ride in the Portland area? 

(JT): Heading east on Hwy 14 in Washington and riding over the Bridge of the Gods and back to Portland on the Oregon side with all my mates. It’s a great 100-mile ride from River City Bikes that the Hammer Velo team and friends ride.

(SF): What are some of your best biking memories?

(JT): My favorite racing memory was when I won the Masters OBRA Criterium Championships a few years ago, days after my mom passed away....There were some serious tears after that was over. My favorite biking memory was reaching the top of the Haleakala volcano on Maui, which is more than 10,000 feet in elevation in about 33 miles. I thought I would never get there. But it was all worth it and the ride back down was amazing.  

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