“When we are fully in our bodies, a better version of ourselves shows up. We feel more, we make better decisions, we’re a good force for those around us.” — David Kahl, founder

The idea behind Fully is simple: Movement is good. When you move, when you are fully in your body, you feel more present, engaged, and alive. More of you shows up to work, to relationships, to life.

We use every single product we sell so if we don’t love it—how it performs, how it looks, how it’s made— it doesn’t make the cut.

Every product we offer was selected with one purpose in mind: to help you find your body’s natural posture, rhythm and flow so you can feel more alive and engaged in your work. No verbose manuals or special instructions for use—the best guide to our products is your own body. And because every body is different, we sell a variety of options so you can find what works best for yours.

We appreciate that the B Corp certification is rigorous, and encompasses every aspect of our business from our internal HR to the practices of our supply chain. We believe businesses can and should do good, so we are very proud to be a part of this B Corp community that provides a framework in managing to our values. Learn more about our commitment to being a certified B Corp.


Hosmer Chiropractic Health

Hosmer Chiropractic Health was founded in 2007 by Dr. Seth Hosmer, and is located in the Pearl District of Portland, Oregon. We offer treatment for a wide variety of conditions including sports injuries, chronic pain, car accidents, post-surgical rehabilitation, general musculoskeletal aches and pains and repetitive overuse injuries.

Our treatment approach is based on three main principles: Understand the patient, their medical history, and goals for treatment; Provide safe and effective treatment; Educate the patient so that they understand their condition, and learn how to minimize the likelihood of a future recurrence.

We want you to be comfortable and confident with your healthcare choices, so we offer complimentary consultations for new patients so you can meet our doctors and ask questions about your treatment options. If we feel that you would be better served by seeing another provider, we have extensive contacts in a variety of other specialties.

Hosmer Chiropractic

Tandem Views

Most of us want to have a better understanding of choices we are faced with as we address our unique life circumstances and take steps to achieve both our immediate and long term goals. With a background in finance, accounting, tax, and investments, we are a valued partner by approaching client objectives in a holistic and comprehensive manner; and developing strategies that help individuals and families understand their options and choose solutions as they travel through life.

Because both CFP practitioners and CPAs have a high level of professional responsibility and accountability, requiring us to serve the client’s best interest first while adhering to the standards and ethical principals related to each certification, license, and credential; we maintain both the CFP certification and CPA license after acquiring the CPA/PFS credential. We have a clear understanding of the need to deliver financial planning services with fiduciary accountability and transparency.

Tandem Views Investment Services LLC is a registered investment advisory firm located in Lake Oswego, Ore.

Tandem Views

West Portland Physical Therapy Clinic

Our Practice Begins With You. From the moment you cross the threshold of West Portland Physical Therapy Clinic, you know that you have entered a special place. It’s a place where health and healing are paramount, and where our practitioners work fervently to get to the core of your condition and rehabilitative needs. We’re about motion and freedom and giving you support and treatment to manage your long-term physical well-being.

west portland physical therapy clinic

River City Bicycles

River City is hands down one of the best bike shops in the country. If you can’t find it here, you don’t need it! Knowledgeable staff, sweet bikes, and free espresso drinks on the weekends.

River City Bicycles

706 SE Martin Luther King Blvd.
Portland, OR 97214 (map)

Monday-Friday: 10-8 summer, 10-7 winter
Saturday & Sunday: 10-6 summer, 10-5 winter

Gracie’s Wrench

From bicycle repair classes to corporate workshops and clinics, Gracie’s Wrench offers you the opportunity to expand your knowledge, confidence and independence with your bicycle. Get to know your bicycle, learn its ins and outs and give it the caring it deserves. All classes, tutoring and clinics are based on the philosophy that the best way to learn is to physically do it yourself, with your own hands on your own bike– with class sizes that are limited to two students so you and your bike get the attention you deserve. We’re proud to be helping the ladies of Sorella solve the mysteries of the bicycle, one lesson at a time.


Pactimo provides Sorella’s custom-designed team apparel and athletic wear.

Sugar Wheel Works

We’re more than just another bike wheel shop. We are committed to designing and building great wheels.

We care about our world. We strive to lead with sustainable practices. We commute by bike and public transportation. We’ve converted our lights to high-efficiency LED and fluorescent bulbs. We participate in Pacific Power’s Blue Sky Renewable Energy Program.

And we really, really like riding bikes.

Wenzel Coaching

Wenzel Coaching is an association of coaches working daily with individual athletes and clubs all over North America and beyond. We work with your life, your schedule and your commitments to help you define and achieve your goals.

Whether you are a beginning athlete or seasoned vet, Wenzel Coaching can put together a training plan for you. Get faster!