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Not a comprehensive library, but a compendium of some our favorite rides from our Ride with GPS Collection. Trails, Road, Gravel and more!

Saturday Morning Ride

This is a recreational pace in the 11-16 average mph range, faster than a recreational cruise, but a conversational pace. Be prepared for riding hills, and flats and to spin consistently for 2-3 hours at a time without stopping. Always eat breakfast before the ride to help sustain your energy level.

  • Leave at 9 a.m., from River City Bicycles (RCB).
  •  Back at RCB usually about 12 p.m., but no promises. This is a no-drop ride. The group stops to fix flats, take bathroom breaks, and re-groups at major turns.
  •  In the case of snow, ice or other severe winter conditions, the ride is canceled.
  • Yes, we ride in the rain.

Advanced Ride

The advanced ride is a faster pace ride in the 16-20 average mph range. This ride is open to members only and  is not a recreational ride. Be prepared to climb between 2,500 and 4,500 feet. Be comfortable riding in a small group of 4-10 riders, pace lining, and drafting. Know how to change a flat tire. We regroup at major turns and sometimes stop for bathroom breaks.

  • Leave at 8:30 a.m., from River City Bicycles.
  • Back at RCB usually before 12 p.m.
  • Yes, we ride in the rain.
  • Ladds-Happy Valley-OC-Webster-Reed
  • Tabor Repeats
  • Clark college around Lacamas Lake 32 miles (copy),
  • Frenchman\'s Bar
  • RCB Burnt Bridge Ride
  • RCB Terwilliger/Cemetery/SWC
  • NW HIlls to Pittock Mansion
  • Oregon City/Bob\'s Red Mill
  • RCB SPC to GFV Trail
  • RCB, Terwilliger, Hawthorne, (via Milw. Ave),
  • RCB - SWC to 205
  • RCB to Glen Otto Park
  • Double Volcano
  • RCB Happy Valley
  • Sasquatch Duro Big Squatch 2023
  • RCB - Mt. Talbert and Back
  • Lake Oswego via Lancaster & Childs
  • RCB - Double Volcano - Marine Drive
  • RCB NoPo Romp
  • RCB Gladstone Webster Linwood

Ladds-Happy Valley-OC-Webster-Reed


Miles: 38.1155303