Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits that club members get?

-Free or reduced race entry fees.
-All club members are eligible to receive annual ride reimbursement for benefit rides or races they participate in if they meet certain criteria (See MIGS).
-All club members receive a generous discount (15% off generally and 25% off during our own annual team sale) on bikes and equipment (mechanical service is not included) at our bike sponsor, River City Bicycles, when they show their Sorella Forte membership card.
-Members also get discounts on services and merchandise from Sorella’s supporting sponsors. Find out about our sponsors on the Sponsorship page.
-Access to professional design team kit
-Camaraderie with a great group who share a passion for cycling
-Access to Sorella training rides, clinics and special events
-Resources to help you reach your full cycling potential

What are MIGS?

If you are a member of Sorella Forte, you must accrue two MIGS per year to qualify for the membership card and the club benefits. MIGS means “Member in Good Standing.” See above for club benefits.

What counts as MIGS activities?

  • Lead a club ride from any start location. Announce the ride on Yahoo Groups and write and send out a ride report (1 MIGS).
  • Lead or sweep a Saturday River City Ride (get $25 RC credit or a MIG for each role).
  • Host a team social event (organize and announce/promote through our channels, MIGS TBD depending on size of event)
  • Serve as a board member (2 MIGS).
  • Serve as a helper to the board in a specific capacity (MIGS TBD based on role/time involved).
  • Officiate at an OBRA event (training required – (MIGS TBD based on role/time involved).
  • Instruct at an approved Sorella Forte clinic (MIGS TBD based on role/time involved).
  • Volunteering for a cycling-related event (we love Community Cycling Center, Street Trust, trail building organizations, etc)
  • Volunteer or help getting kids on bikes or out in nature.
  • Attending our annual meeting.
  • Ask a Sorella board member to see if your MIG idea qualifies and if so, invite others to join in!

Once you join, watch the group emails for more announcements on MIG opportunities.

How do I join Sorella Forte?

Check out the Join page for more information and to fill out a membership application.

Do I have to race be in the club?

No, we encourage all levels of riders to be members. We support riders who want to race, as well as recreational riders looking for others who want to ride on a regular basis.

Do you have a weekly ride?

Yes. Check out the Club Rides page for details and sign up for our Meetup group.

I have more questions, whom do I contact?

Please fill out a contact form.