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Cyclocross Nationals Recap

Rhonda Morin takes the downhill at the 2019 CX Nationals.

Rhonda Morin trying to find the best line on the downhill at the 2019 CX Nationals.

A handful of Sorella Forte sisters made an appearance at CX Nationals in Lakewood, WA, December 10-15, 2019. It was an epic experience. Make some noise for Bonnie Rosenfeld who captured the only podium for Sorella – a silver medal! 

Kim Sass bravely did two of the hardest fields at nationals – the 40-44 group and women’s singlespeed.

Oregon’s Clara Honsinger won the Elite Women’s Pro race. Katie Compton has won this race 15 years in a row. Interestingly, Katie captured her first national title in Portland, OR at PIR in 2004, and lost it 16 years later in Washington to an Oregonian. 

Rhonda Morin’s master’s field (50-54) was the largest with 29 incredible athletes. It’s a privilege to line up on the start line such fit and fast women. The course was extremely technical. There were two steep (15%-18% grade) up hills to run while carrying the bike on your backs. The mud was thick and created moving steps that feet would sink into with each step. Then racers had to remount their bike on the top and ride to the next obstacle. Needless to say there was a lot of heavy breathing.

Two steep down hills, complete with dogleg turns kept the pack honest. Muddy, ruddy, rooty and lined with spectators heckling the racers to “stay off the brakes.”  These hills were intimating. But by race day, they seemed a little less so. Kim and Rhonda got up enough nerve to ride down them in practice and in the race. But on Rhonda’s last lap, she drove her bike right into a photographer on the side of the hill. Luckily, she bounced off him and got right back on the course. Glad he wasn’t a tree.

Rhonda crossed the line in 12th place and finished unscathed and in one piece. Kim finished 17th in the geared race and 27th in singlespeed.

Kim Sass goes for the run up at the 2019 CX Nationals.

Kim Sass goes for the run up at the 2019 CX Nationals.

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