Mountain bike skills clinics

Spring is here and it’s mountain bike time!

Coach Elaine Bothe demonstrates proper form on the trail.

Coach Elaine Bothe demonstrates proper form on the trail.

Sorella Forte president and Wenzel coach Elaine Bothe and associate coach Rhonda Morin team up to lead a series of mountain bike clinics starting in March.

March 19, 2016 – Advanced clinic, Sandy Ridge Trail System, Brightwood, Oregon

March 26, 2016 – Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced clinics, Cascade Locks EasyCLIMB Trail System, Cascade Locks, Oregon

April 2, 2016 –   Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced clinics, Sandy Ridge Trail System, Brightwood, Oregon

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womens cycling club in Portland Oregon - Sorella Forte - Rhonda Morin

Bear Springs Mtb Race

womens cycling club in Portland Oregon - Sorella Forte - Rhonda MorinRaced the Bear Springs XC race in Mt Hood on Sunday. Great weather this year (last year I heard it snowed). A bit cool to start, but it warmed up nicely.
I did the Cat 2 masters 40-49. A bit confusing at the start. The officials weren’t clear on when the women started, so some went off with a men’s group, but quickly realized their mistake and returned to the start. The officials could use a lesson in CX starts.

This being my first race of the year, first mtb race in a very long time and not having done the course, I was coolly optimistic and laid back about the whole affair. I just wanted to test my fitness and practice skills in a race.

Lots of fun stuff on this course. Some tech sections that I walked – like one long, loose dirt downhill – but overall a very sweet single track event. There were a few uphills that kicked my behind, but the flat sections that followed were worth the struggle.

There were babbling brooks, roots, shale covered areas, narrow single track nestled into ridges (don’t look down) and short gravel sections. A bit of everything.

A nutrition bottle I put on the truck for the feed zone was a welcomed friend with 45 mins to go. Perked me back up for a good finish. But I was pretty ready to be done by mile 18 and happy to see the finish line thereafter.

A small bag of chips, Recoverite and other snacks refueled me. Another fun thing is I got to drive the big rig to the race. We just bought a van (the size of which is like Elaine’s). Throwing dirty stuff in the back was very easy. Gonna like this during mud season.

Next up, Sister’s in May.