Tandem ViewsMost of us want to have a better understanding of choices we are faced with as we address our unique life circumstances and take steps to achieve both our immediate and long term goals. With a background in finance, accounting, tax, and investments, we are a valued partner by approaching client objectives in a holistic and comprehensive manner; and developing strategies that help individuals and families understand their options and choose solutions as they travel through life.

Because both CFP practitioners and CPAs have a high level of professional responsibility and accountability, requiring us to serve the client’s best interest first while adhering to the standards and ethical principals related to each certification, license, and credential; we maintain both the CFP certification and CPA license after acquiring the CPA/PFS credential. We have a clear understanding of the need to deliver financial planning services with fiduciary accountability and transparency.

Tandem Views Investment Services LLC is a registered investment advisory firm located in Lake Oswego, Ore.

Meet TeriAnn Kruse, CPA/PFS, CFP, the founder of Tandem Views Investment Services LLC.