We’re more than just another bike wheel shop. We are committed to designing and building great wheels.

I guess you could say we’re a little different. Sure, we’re passionate about cycling. We love to ride. And we’re excited about wheels. We know the impact a good set of wheels can have, and we’re always curious about how to make things even better.More importantly, though, we want you to enjoy your wheels. We want you to love them.

We believe that there is no one perfect wheelset. The ideal wheelset depends on the rider, the bike, and the ride. That’s why we offer a wide variety of wheels, and within those have multiple options (strong, classic, and light) to even better suit you.

And we do much more than what we show online. We build a lot of wheels for mountain bikes, disc road bikes, tandems, recumbents, cargo bikes, e-bikes, and even trailers.

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