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March board meeting news

Top news from our March 2, 2022, board meeting

Present Linda W., president; Julia S., secretary; Lisa C., member at large; Jodee Varney, treasurer; Tera H., membership coordinator; Emilie P., member at large; Clay W., social media coordinator. Members present Jaime R., Linda F., Julia S., Rhonda M.

Top news

Format of River City Bikes rides
The title has changed from “Challenge Ride” to “Advanced Ride” for the regular 8:30 a.m. Saturday ride. Think of it more like a faster, hillier team training ride. While still no-drop, many are training for races/events and there are less stops than the intermediate ride, which is focused on recruitment and getting women comfortable riding in a group of supportive riders. More conversation-pace comradery riding. See if the advanced ride is for you by contacting Lisa C.

Equity, inclusion and diversity proposal
Like Sorella Forte, many cycling teams have been on a journey to create a safe space for BIPOC, LGBTQ+ (binary, trans etc.).

Lisa C. has been taking a page from the Minnesota-based Stamina Racing Club, founded by a BIPOC cyclist who advises clubs they must be willing to put money and effort behind diversifying your club. It’s not just about recruiting current diverse cyclists; it’s primarily around creating them.

Action: The board supported Lisa’s next steps – to gather a working group to research more and propose how Sorella can move in this direction. If you’re interested in joining the workgroup, contact Lisa C.

Social Media
Clay identified 3 audiences to focus our efforts:

Current members: Highlight member stories, who’s going to what events to join in, what you are doing off the bike as well. See your teammates on social so you can share.

Potential members: Curated posts that show the team’s comradery, fun side. Yes, we also race, and can be tough racers too.

Community engagement: What’s the larger discussion in our cycling community? How do we play a part in moving/leading efforts around diversification of our sport? Participation in ongoing discussions and sharing of ideas/best practices. Regularly promote our sponsors by amplifying/sharing their posts.

Action: Need photographer to capture what we’re trying to portray/move toward. Graphic design so that we have curated content ready to go on regular basis.

Longer term: Refresh Sorella’s website using this imagery that reflects broader, diverse riders rather than an all-white, elite racing team. Think replacing homepage photo with image/graphic that represents where we’re going. Up level our photography/images for website so website and social media are aligned in the image that we’re moving toward.

Race coordinator proposal
Per member feedback, we will be adding back a race coordinator role as a board role. Club used to have this role the in past when there were more members racing. Desire communicated at annual meeting to return this role to support those who’d like to race.

Action: Watch for race coordinator opening announcement once we’ve dialed in the role description.

Sorella Bylaws Review
Per member feedback and request during our January annual meeting, board members reviewed our club’s bylaws, which haven’t been updated since 2012. With our club’s equity, inclusion and diversity journey desire is to ensure alignment between our bylaws and actions.

Action: Board will be updating language around diversity in addition to updating board role descriptions.

Researching digital waivers
Now that the RCB rides are back open to the public and we’re advertising again on Meetup, the board is researching a simple way for riders to sign a waiver before the ride begins.

Action: Tera will do research and recommend to board at next meeting.

Next Meeting

Next board meeting is June 1, 2022, at 6 p.m. Members are always welcome to join and/or bring topics/concerns/ideas to the board.

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