Entries by Rhonda Morin

State Champs CX Race

Oregon State Champs! November 21, 2015, was a clear and cold day and ripe for winning. The Singlespeed contest was the last race of the day this time, which meant I had to live with butterflies in my belly all day. The race was in Boring – a mere 10 miles from my house, so I […]

CX Clinic Highlights

Thanks to all the Sorellas who helped with this year’s CX clinic at Vancouver Lake Park and PIR. What fun we had in the mud, sand and grass! Photos by Colleen McClenahan.

Racing Season = Cramping

What is a cramp? Cramps are strong, involuntary muscle contractions. They can occur at any time but are most common during or shortly after hard exercise. They can occur in any muscle, though in cyclists they are most common in the quads, hamstrings and calves. They can be so strong that they cause you to […]

Bear Springs Mtb Race

Raced the Bear Springs XC race in Mt Hood on Sunday. Great weather this year (last year I heard it snowed). A bit cool to start, but it warmed up nicely. I did the Cat 2 masters 40-49. A bit confusing at the start. The officials weren’t clear on when the women started, so some […]