Sorella Forte Membership Give and Get

Being a member of Sorella Forte has numerous benefits: camaraderie of a great group of women who share a passion for cycling, access to Sorella training rides and clinics, race mentoring, an attractive team kit, race fee reimbursement and sponsor product discounts. Membership also means giving back to the cycling community through volunteering and leading rides. Below are descriptions of what you get for being a member of Sorella Forte and what we expect of you to give back.

Annual Club Meeting

We know it is difficult for busy women to find time to attend club meetings. That’s why we only have one official “club meeting” a year. We strongly suggest you make every attempt to attend. Beyond that, we’ll keep you posted on important club matters via email throughout the year.

Bike Shop Sponsor

River City Bicycles is our bike shop sponsor. As a first year member or Member in Good Standing, you are eligible for a club discount ID card that entitles you to a 15% discount on most products. Discounts on bikes vary, so please check with RCB for specifics. Please respect our sponsors’ wishes and abide by their rules. Also, be discreet when you show the ID card when making purchases. Your current card expires September 1 of each year.

West Portland Physical Therapy Clinic

Are your muscles tight? Have you sustained an injury? Time to visit our physical therapy sponsor. West Portland Physical Therapy Clinic is the place where health and healing are paramount, and where their practitioners work fervently to get to the core of your condition and rehabilitative needs. They are about motion and freedom and giving you support and treatment to manage your long-term physical well-being. Visit their website.

Wenzel Coaching

If you are interested in coaching and/or training plans for bike racing, triathlon, cyclocross, running or general fitness, we get a discount from Wenzel Coaching. Discounts range from 15-25% depending on the level of service. See the website for more information or contact Sorella member Rhonda Morin or Elaine Bothe.

Gracie’s Wrench

Gracie’s Wrench offers club members opportunities to expand their knowledge, confidence and independence with our bicycles.  Owner Tori Bortman offers periodic free group sessions to Sorella Forte members and a 15% discount on tune-ups, introduction to maintenance, basic review and wheel-building classes.  Individual project time is also discounted from $50 per hour to $40 per hour.  See her schedule of classes.  Contact Tori Bortman.

Member Misconduct

We value our sponsors and we expect that members act in accordance to sponsor requirements (see the back of the membership card) and Member in Good Standing rules (see below). If members act irresponsibly toward the sponsors, at events or when representing the club or team, members risk the loss of privileges and removal from the club or team at the board’s discretion.

Club Communications

We rely almost entirely on Yahoo Groups for all club communication (training rides, upcoming meetings, clinics, race reports, and announcements).  PLEASE make sure you are signed up and are automatically receiving notification of new posts.  We highly recommend you choose to receive the emails individually rather than in digest form.  If you need assistance, please ask us.

Club Rides

We offer club rides on regular basis. Watch for Sorella Yahoo Group emails with details about the rides.  You also have the option of joining the River City Women’s ride every Saturday at 9 am. Sorella Forte is contracted by RCB to lead these rides. We often need leaders and/or co-leaders as these groups can get rather large. The bonus is that ride leaders receive a $25 gift certificate from RCB or a MIG credit.

Free Racing!

We encourage members – novice and experienced – to take part in local races.  Assuming you are eligible* just show up, sign in and race! Additionally, the club will reimburse eligible members’ entry fees (amount varies year to year) for organized charity rides.  You must be wearing a current team kit during the ride to receive reimbursement.

Member in Good Standing (MIGS)

If you are a member of Sorella Forte, you must accrue two MIGS per year to qualify for the membership card and the club benefits. MIGS means “Member in Good Standing.” Club benefits include the reimbursement program, free and discounted race passes and most sponsor discounts, among others.

What counts as a MIG activities?

  • Lead a club ride from any start location. Announce the ride on Yahoo Groups and write and send out a ride report.
  • Serve as a board member.
  • Serve as a helper to the board in a specific capacity.
  • Officiate at an OBRA event (training required).
  • Instruct at an approved Sorella Forte clinic.

Once you join, watch the Yahoo Group e-mails for more announcements on MIGS opportunities.

We also expect from you that you will:

  1. Pay yearly membership dues and submit (annually) the membership application and ride release form;
  2. Sign up with our Yahoo Groups list to receive all club communication (training rides, meetings, clinics, race reports);
  3. Wear team kits at races, rides and club training rides.  If racing, out of respect for our sponsors, you must wear the “most current” team kit;
  4. Act in a sportswoman-like manner at races and generally set a good example for the biking community, especially when kitted up in Sorella gear!
  5. Shall not endanger the safety of yourself, teammates, or others in a race and/or during a team/club ride. Wear a helmet every time you ride a bike.

Club Duality

A Club member may not represent another team or club while they are an active Club member of Sorella Forte utilizing the Club’s benefits. If a Club member does choose to affiliate with another club, she is required to take a leave of absence from Sorella Forte. At the time of her leave, she will forfeit all Club benefits such as, but not limited to, sponsor discounts, RCB discount card-holding status, and the wearing of the Club’s uniform at races and events. The Board of Directors reserves the right to make decisions on a case-by-case basis.

Officers / Board Members / Contacts

We’re doing our best to make this club fun and relevant to your cycling needs. Feel free to contact us with questions or concerns.

We are governed by a volunteer board of directors. They are:

Linda Watts, president
Aleson Macfarlane, secretary
Susan Koonce, treasurer
Kim Sass, membership coordinator
Julie Ann Smith, member at large
Janet Bronson, volunteer coordinator
Lisa Congdon, social media coordinator
Emilie Portell, member at large

See you on the road!